handsIf you are considering placing for adoption, you are looking at quality of life issues for both you and your child.  We believe that no one really wants to place for adoption. It is a bittersweet experience involving a roller coaster of emotions and worries. After facilitating nearly one thousand placements we have learned there are many, many reasons why this is a reasonable, perhaps necessary choice. We respect your reasons, understand your doubts and will do our utmost best to address your personal concerns with competence and compassion.

Our goal is to put you back in control of your life, explore your rights and choices and the resources available to you.  Exploring adoption doesn’t mean commitment or pressure to decide.  It means you will have a greater understanding of your choices before it becomes necessary to make one of them. Knowledge IS power.

If you decide adoption is a wise choice for you and your child, you can choose between a fully Open Adoption or Closed Adoption.  Adoptive parents through our agency are committed to following the birthparents’ wishes in the type of adoption desired.

These are couples who are ready in all ways to become parents and are hopeful a birthparent will choose them for placement.  They have all passed a rigorous evaluation for readiness to adopt and parent. They have come to our agency not only build their family but also to make certain their birthmother is cared for and supported for her courage and sacrifice.

Open Adoption
Confidential or Closed Adoption


How Do I Get Started
How Does It Work?
Should I Use an Agency or a Lawyer?
Is Counseling Available?
Can I Change My Mind?
What is the Relationship After the Placement?
Where Do the Adoptive Families Come From?
Do You Use Foster Care?


We are known for our care of birthparents during their pregnancy and post-birth with such things as:

  • Housing, transportation, communication, food, clothing and related material needs. An emergency fund is set aside for birthparents.

  • Legal approval for adoptive parents to provide support to their birthparent. And if you are employed and lost income during delivery and recovery, we make sure the lost wages are reimbursed.

  • Develop resources for material needs and help with transportation issues. Bette Hayward, our Birthparent Needs Assistant is happy to tackle almost any birthparent need.

  • Assist in meeting with the couple you select and support you in developing a personal relationship and/or plans for ongoing contact with them if you desire.

  • Help address the legal situation, birthfather rights, or medical needs and there to help with personal or family counseling.

Birthmother Rights
Birthfather Rights
Child Protective Services Issues